Virtual Conference FAQs

Virtual Conference FAQs

Please see below for answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the mtu Virtual Summit.

1. What are the IT Requirements?

To ensure that you can fully participate in the live chat and video conference functionality of our Networking Lounge and Exhibit Hall, you should have the following IP addresses whitelisted (if you will be connecting through a firewall): – 80/443 (TCP) – 80/443 (TCP) – 80/443/8443/4443/8000 (TCP) & 10000-20000 (UDP)

2. What time zones are used for the agenda?

Central European Time (CET): optimized for Europe, Middle East, Asia-Pacific, and Russia (EMEAR).
Eastern Daylight Time (EDT): optimized for North America and Latin America (NALA).

3. Are sessions offered in my time zone?

Conference sessions will take place twice daily with times optimized for both the European and Asia-Pacific time zones (CET) as well as North and Latin America time zones (EDT).

4. Will the calendar reminders auto adjust for my time zone?

Yes. When you add a reminder from the event agenda it will block the time according to your zone.

5. Will presenters be available during the conference for one-on-one chats?

Yes! Access to our presenters is one of the nicest features of the virtual platform. With the live chat functions, you can chat with presenters and exhibitors during live hours in the exhibit hall and networking lounge, as well as during the Q&A portion of the sessions.